• Lila Organic Fragrance

    Captain Blankenship Natural Perfumes

    "Lila is Play. Recently a friend pulled apart a honeysuckle bloom and drank the essence within. That is Lila. Green mandarin and lime groves cascade into jasmine vines and onwards into a forest where a campfire glows, fir trees encircle and wild mushrooms grow. Vetiver, cade, cepes (mushroom), fir and spruce conjure an afternoon spent in the woods and jasmine, lilac, honeysuckle and linden blossom sweeten this adventure. A floral forest scent inspired by Northern California."- Jana Blankenship, maker of Captain Blankenship perfumes

    Made in the Hudson River Valley by Jana Blankenship.

    Materials: An all-organic perfume blend of essential oils and absolutes in biodynamic grape alcohol ethically sourced from California.

    Comes in 1/6 oz in a glass roll-on bottle.


  • $40.00

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