Kindah Khalidy

Handmade in California

KiNDAH KHALiDY is a painter and textile designer working in California. Her ready-to-wear clothing and accessories are created in limited editions that coexist with an ongoing series of paintings and sculptures. 

When I first saw Kindah Khalidy 's wildly vivid, abstract paintings on textiles, I thought I could smell strawberries in the air around me. Her prolific, ecstatic bright works, printed all over everything from paper to linen tops to handbags to quilts, made me remember enthusiasm as a spirituality-something I discovered I was born with while making forts out of driftwood on the beach bordering the Puget Sound as a kid. Kindah Khalidy and her rainbow world, like a day at the beach, have the power to help you remember the best stuff about yourself. See more of her work @kindahkhalidy, and at the @textileartscenter.