Leah Ball Jewelry & Ceramics

Handmade in Chicago, Illinois

Originally from the beachside town of Carlsbad, California, Leah Ball's aesthetic foundation is in the patterns and rhythms of the Pacific coast. Currently a Chicago-based artist+designer, Leah shares her work with Sword+Fern in two well-loved object categories, jewelry and ceramics, specifically: bronze+porcelain. She does it right by setting herself apart from the way the mediums can usually look: In her bronze jewelry work, building layer after layer of carvings and drippings using lost wax, then throwing the whole thing into a metalliferous fire until out comes the most unusual looking jewel that you swear you owned back when you were a Stregheria wandering the Campo de' Fiori in 1673. And with her ceramics, she creates swirling ocean-like patterns on vessels by mixing and marbling with pastel and parchment colored clay, resulting in pieces at once elegant and organic. Follow her adventures at @leah_ball_