Ria Leigh Ceramics
Handmade in Los Angeles, California

"Across cultures and continents there is a shared belief in the importance of imperfection.
African textiles incorporate intentional inconsistencies and pattern breaks as attempts to confuses potentially malignant spirits. Because: "Evil travels in straight lines"
Native Americans purposefully insert wrong-colored beads into their elaborate designs in recognition of the fact that humans are inherently flawed. 
Quaker furniture, Japanese pottery, Persian rugs and Pioneer quilts, all bear flaws that connect them to the hands of a mortal. 
All of my work is flawed. 
For me, imperfection is not just an act of humility, an acknowledgement of the limits of human ability, or a deviation from the terrifying doldrums of predictability. 
Flaws are evidence of the flow of life. 
Simply put: things created in a passionate frenzy, or lovingly worked to the point of over handling, reflect back the energy put in."- Ria Leigh
Ria Leigh is a textile and ceramic artist whose work focuses on form, function, and color. Her work is situated within a matrilineal succession of makers and is influenced by her research on ancient cultural iconography, esoteric symbolism, pioneer practicality & Bauhaus ideology. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California with her daughter and muse Ari Leigh. Follow her adventures @everythingeverydayallthetime