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    Speak of Me: frankincense, black copal, Douglas fir; for cultivating abundance of life + respect for all beings.
    Speak of Me is us, telling stories in a secret alpine meadow on Mt. Hood in late April.
    Airy, floral, barely warm, and slightly sweet.
    Sword+Fern botanical incense is ethically harvested, whole plant, loose incense. Three varieties of natural, wildcrafted, chemical-free, clean burning incense for everyday ritual, magical+medicinal use. These are new, a hand blended collection of the whole resin and plant incenses I offered in bulk at my shop on Burnside Street in Portland.
    Directions for use: Place a pinch full of the incense into a non-flammable container of your choice, ( I love burning mine in a tiny, heavy ceramic bowl or cup- but you can use an ashtray or charcoal as well ) and burn a bit at a time using a lighter. This incense is 100% natural plant material, so it won't burn at an ongoing rate. Most powdered incenses on the market contain chemical glues and additives for the purpose of continual burning. This wildcrafted incense burns only a bit at a time, and it's meant to be attended to- in an effort to create space for meditation, focus, and clarity. 
    Comes in a gold hued 8 oz. reusable metal tin. 

    Choose from 2 other therapeutic Incense Blends:

    Time Garden: patchouli leaf, copal, western red cedar needles; for awakening purpose+capturing focus. 
    Time Garden is a moss forest on the Olympic Peninsula after a heavy thunder storm. Musky, sharp, complex and heavy with resinous notes.
    Your Light: lavender, desert sage, mugwort; for grounding + centering yourself.
    Your Light is the quiet Southern California desert with a bursting heart. Dusky, vibrant, full, and herbal-clean.


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