• Manka Organic Fragrance

    Captain Blankenship Natural Perfumes

    "Manka is an homage to a magical holiday sanctuary in Inverness of the same name. Nights and mornings spent in a rustic cabin in the woods with a log bed, a deep wood hot tub with flowering trees abloom overhead. Think champagne, orange blossom, rose, pine needles and cedarwood. A sweet, watery scent that conjures hikes to the beach followed by warm nights. Cognac essential oil lends a light turquoise green hue, blissful."-Jana Blankenship, maker of Captain Blankenship natural perfumes

    Made in the Hudson River Valley by Jana Blankenship.

    Materials: An all-organic perfume blend of essential oils and absolutes in biodynamic grape alcohol ethically sourced from California.

    Comes in: 1/6 oz in a glass roll-on bottle.


  • $40.00